Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goooooooaaal! Soccer (football) is a great sport!

I am really surprised how into soccer I became these past months since coaching my 9 year old son's soccer team. I started watching the Fox Soccer Channel on TV and went to The Philadelphia Union MLS (American "Major League Soccer") soccer game at PPL Park on June 23, 2012. It was an awesome game (may have been that they beat their opponent 4-0) with great offense and defense by The Philadelphia Union! I haven't seen the MLS soccer games on TV, and certainly not on the Fox Soccer Channel. It looks like they are broadcast from time to time on various channels, so I might try to start watching more games.

When I got home and started to try and find out more about MLS and The Philadelphia Union I found that they recently changed head coaches and the game I attended was the team's first game under the new coach. Until the June 23rd game they were in dead last. So I guess I'm glad I got to see them when they were on fire! They scored their first goal at just 1 minute 34 seconds into the game! They also won their next game with 5 goals (!) and won the last game of the season, so I would say that this new coach seems to have really turned the team around.

I'm really bummed that the American men's soccer (football) team didn't qualify for the Olympics, but I will pick a team to cheer for (most likely Great Britain since I have friends from there).

I'm glad that I was able to see the technical side of soccer through coaching and that I love to watch the games now.

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