Sunday, February 2, 2014

Get a look at the Nutanix PRISM GUI

I will try to create a better post later, but figured I would share the news while I'm at the airport waiting on my ride to Nutanix SKO.

I have created a VERY simple, but somewhat functional, slightly interactive look at the Nutanix Prism GUI (the Nutanix Web Console). You can use it from pretty much any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Click or tap on the various items in the GUI to navigate around the different screen captures. The screenshots are all static, of course, but at least you get to see the different screens and features. 

It is still in its infant stage as I threw it together in a few hours last Sunday night. I plan on finishing up the screens I didn't have time for, but feel free to use it as it comes together. I am "releasing" it early as there seems to be a LOT of interest in something like this. 

I really created it to easily show potential customers what the Web Console looks like and highlight some of the features and ease of use that it brings. Along with showing how VM centric and granular the  system is. 

Keep in mind there will be a lot of changes to the interactivity of the pages, so if something isn't working today, check back later or reach out to me on Twitter @VirtuallyGeeky. Also, I will be changing the hosting structure, so stay tuned.

You may also want to try the high contrast Chrome extension to really make the GUI stand out.